Presentation Equipment Rental Service

 At 360 AV Rentals, we provide the entire Atlanta metro area with premier audio-visual equipment rental services. This onsite presentation equipment rental is fully set up by our local professionals in under an hour. Whether you’re hosting a corporate presentation, a seminar, or a business meeting, our team has what you need.   

Equipment Used 

Our equipment arrives in pristine condition. The package includes:

  • 8’ Tripod Screen  
  • Skirted AV Cart 
  • Power Cable 
  • Wireless Presenter Remote with Laser Pointer 

1-hour setup time required

Requested Equipment 

The equipment that our expert technicians bring can be tailored to your event's needs. These are available upon request. Some of the additional custom presentation equipment rental supplies and services we can provide include:

  • Laptop, HD Projector 
  • Wired or Wireless Microphone and Speakers for Clear Transmission of Audio 
  • Onsite Technician 
  • Audio or Video Recording for Transcription and Content Duplication 

Who Can Benefit From Our Services? 

  • Hotels—Whether your hotel is hosting a convention or a conference, our audio-visual equipment rental service is what you’ll want to have.  
  • Employees Training Programs—Our AV equipment allows you to train a large number of employees at once. This could be for a first-day event or an all-inclusive employee meeting so that everyone can hear and see your presentation. 
  • College or University Classes—Our equipment helps you present high-definition images and top-notch sound quality that’ll keep your students awake and engaged. 
  • Wedding Receptions—The supplies we carry allow for you to project the perfect video of your relationship in high-definition quality.  

If your special event requires even more supplies than the ones that are currently shown above, you may want to also consider our upgraded presentation support package. Regardless of the onsite audio video service you choose, we’ll provide you with nothing but exceptional equipment and service throughout your event. We look forward to working with you!  

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