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Professional AV Service with A Hospitality Focus

360 AV Rentals is a full-service audio-visual partner for hotels and facilities with recurring meetings in Atlanta and the surrounding areas. By selecting 360 AV Rentals as your exclusive in-house Atlanta audio-visual rental service partner, you can ensure that your guests will be provided with high-quality AV equipment, knowledgeable staff, and on-site technical support to enhance their overall meeting experience. Our Atlanta audio-visual rental service for hotels and other facilities aim to provide your guests with the tools to produce great events, while at the same time providing a profitable revenue stream for your facility. 360 AV Rentals’ pairs state-of-the-art full-service audio-visual technology with excellent customer service. Our experts exceed expectations with their outstanding professionalism and always overcome challenges with grace. 

How We Help Hotels & Facilities 

Hotels and other facilities often host conventions, conferences, and special events. To make sure their plans go off without any technological snags, they want to know where to rent professional audio-visual equipment. That’s where 360 AV Rentals comes in. Our audio-visual rental service in Atlanta provides the rental equipment you need to ensure the highest quality for your presentations and/or those of your guests.  

 Got Questions?  

 Let's talk! We would be pleased to meet with you to discuss a tailored in-house Atlanta audio-visual rental service for your hotel or facility and your audio/video goals. From the large conference events to intimate meetings, 

360 AV Rentals has you covered.  

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