Audio-Visual Event Services

 When you’re looking to host a conference or convention, you’ll want to rent quality equipment. Our conference room audio-visual setup rentals offer just that.

Dual Screen Panel Ballroom Package 

This audio-visual event service package gives you top-notch quality items. The equipment we offer for our conference room audio-visual setup includes:

  • 2 LCD Projector Packages (5K Lumens) w/ upgraded 10’ Dressed Screens 
  • Data/Video/Audio/Power Cabling 
  • 20 feet black velour pipe and drape 
  • 2 Powered Speakers on Stands, Audio Mixer 
  • Up to 4 table top microphones for panel 
  • 1 Moderator podium microphone 
  • 1 Audience Q & A microphone 
  • 1 A/V Technician 

Additional Requests 

If your event requires more than our package above offers, we also have additional items for you to choose from. Please let us know if you require any of the following items in addition to our regular package:

  • Additional Mics 
  • Audio/Video recording for event capture  
  • Duplication/Lighting for stage and drape

Who Uses Our Services?

  • Hotels—If you are hosting a convention or conference at your hotel, you’ll want premier equipment that’s affordable, as well. We carry the quality equipment that you require to run your event professionally.  
  • Colleges or Universities—When you’re running a career event or freshman orientation, our audio-visual event services will help you get the most out of your presentation. 
  • Businesses—When you’re training employees on a large scale, you’ll want to make sure that everyone can fully take in your presentation. To do that, you’ll want projection and sound equipment that allow them to see and hear perfectly.

You can request a quote for our conference room audio-visual setup service today. Please let us know if you have any other questions regarding this package. Our expert technicians will be able to help you throughout the entire process and solve any troubleshooting problems you may run into during the event!  

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